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There are 3 pools: Windmill, Breezyhill and Summerwood. They open May 25th this year and close the day after Labor Day.


Pool hours are subject to change based on inclement weather and the discretion of the Board and General Manager.

For pool communications: please sign up for our Friday Flash!

Windmill Pool- 703 729 9739 | 21400 Windmill Drive
Summerwood- 703 729 9706 | 43641 Golden Meadow Circle
Breezyhill- 703 858 9831 | 43250 Hay Road

Pool Parties- Tables cannot be reserved for any parties, it is on a first come-first serve basis. Parties are limited to 15 people or less.

Non-Resident Guest Pass Infomation Sheet

Ashburn Farm Association Digital Pool Pass Instructions

Pool Rules

Non Resident Pool Application

Swim Image For Kids Under 9

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