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Ashburn Farm has five ponds in the community: Summerwood Pond, Windmill Pond, Gardengate Pond, Chokeberry Pond, and Breezyhill Pond. The ponds serve a dual purpose; primarily acting as stormwater retention ponds, but are stocked and maintained so that they are great places to do some catch-and-release fishing.  The ponds were stocked in 2020 with Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Red Ear Sunfish, Blue Gill, and Flathead Minnows.  A worm bin was built as an eagle scout project by Mr. Zach Silvasy on the southern side of Windmill Pond.  Please help yourself.  Left-over worm bait can be put in the worm bin to help keep it stocked.  Other live bait must not be released.

Triploid Grass Carp are also stocked to help naturally reduce aquatic vegetation.  You can sometimes catch these large fish sunning themselves in shallow water, with their dorsal fin protruding from the surface.  Please do not attempt to catch these fish. These fish are easily stressed or injured and are necessary for the health of the ponds. 

Additionally, there are numerous species of turtles that call the ponds home, including Eastern Painted Turtles, Red Eared Sliders, and Snapping Turtles.  Please do not attempt to catch the turtles and just enjoy them from a distance.  Learn more from the Virginia Herpetological Society Turtles of Virginia page.

The ponds and natural areas nearby attract many types of birds and other wildlife. Red-Winged Black Birds, Mallard ducks, and Great Blue Herons can often be seen when visiting the ponds.  Rails and Egrets are infrequent visitors. 

Fountains are installed at Windmill, Chokeberry, Breezyhill, and Summerwood Ponds that help to improve the health of the pond via churn & aeration.  Additionally, Windmill & Chokeberry ponds have aerators that pump air into the water similar to an aquarium to help improve the oxygen saturation of the water which can be affected by heat, rain, etc. and create fish kill events. Gardengate Pond is also aerated via a solar-powered aerator from Pond Hawk, which improved the condition and aesthetics of that pond where a utility connection was cost-prohibitive.

  • All Association ponds are “catch and release”. These being stormwater retention ponds, fish caught from them should not be consumed.

  • Please be considerate if you snag your line and try to retrieve as much of it as possible.  Trash cans are provided.

  • Wading, swimming, or boating is prohibited.  People that are wading, swimming, or boating is trespassing. 

  • Pets are not permitted to roam free in the ponds, or on the shore areas. Loudoun County leash laws dogs are leashed.

  • A fishing license is required for 16 years or older. For information on fishing licenses click here.

  • Ice Skating, sledding, etc. are not permitted on the ponds when frozen and we ask that you contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (703) 777-1021 if someone is seen on the ice.

Playgrounds and Locations

There are nineteen playgrounds throughout the community.  The play equipment is designated for children ages five to twelve.  Each playgrounds is specifically designed for children of a specific age/weight and there is a sign posted near the entrance of each playgrounds that provides specific details.  Most of the playgrounds include equipment for children who love to climb, slide, and swing.

Adult supervision is always required for your children’s safety.

Please note that the playgrounds areas are not for use after dark.  Use of the playgrounds after dark constitutes trespassing.

Photos of the various playgrounds and their locations can be viewed below. 

During your visit to any of these areas, if you should notice something that needs attention, please contact

The tot-lots are located at the following locations/intersections.

Walking Trails

Ashburn Farm has nearly thirty miles of asphalt trails that wind through the maintained and natural areas in the community that are the perfect place to take a scenic walk, take a bike ride, or enjoy some exercise. A community map is available via the link at the bottom of the page; hard copies are available at the Association Office.  The maps denote the streets in the community as well as the asphalt trails and the amenities. 

Directional Trail Stenciling

The asphalt trails are stenciled with street names to help identify where the trail leads.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails and include gasoline and electric vehicles, bikes, scooters, go-carts, ATVs, etc. Please report any unauthorized use of a motorized vehicle to the Association at and/or by contacting the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency number at (703)777-1021.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Loudoun County EMS & Fire, and Association Staff and authorized contractors are excluded from this policy.

Pedestrian Tunnels

Four pedestrian tunnels provide passage for those using the asphalt trails under Ashburn Farm & Claiborne Parkways.  There is a pedestrian tunnel under Ashburn Farm Parkway between Starflower Way and Stonecrop Place. Another is located under Ashburn Farm Parkway, near Sanders Corner Elementary School.  The third pedestrian tunnel is under Claiborne Parkway near the toll road.  The final pedestrian tunnel also crosses under Claiborne Parkway between Chokeberry Square and Wayside Circle.

W & OD Trails

Ashburn Farm asphalt trails connect to the W&OD Trail at multiple locations.  The community trail that parallels Claiborne Parkway and ends at Trailside Park will lead you to an outdoor roller hockey rink and the W&OD Trail.  There is another connection to the W&OD near Cherrystone Pl & Wintersun Ct. A third connection exists near the end of Wild Meadow Ct.  The last connection to the W&OD trail is off of Meadow Overlook Pl.

The W&OD trail is maintained by Northern Virginia Parks and Recreation.  Click here for information on the W & OD trail.

Loudoun Walking Club

Ashburn Farm Association partnered with the Loudoun Walking and Volkssport Club, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in 2006, to promote walking in Loudoun County. As a member of the nonprofit American Volkssport (Folk Sport) Association (AVA), they sponsor non-competitive year-round walks (self-guided) that attract participants for walks over gentle terrain. Founded in 1979, the American Volkssport Association is committed to the promotion of health, fun, and fellowship by providing non-competitive walking events for all ages.

In Loudoun, year-round walks in Sterling (Claude Moore Park), Leesburg, Ashburn, and Purcellville, permit participating walkers to see different places and enjoy a change of scenery from walking their own neighborhoods. The club offers eight walks in the choice of distances.

With the addition of Ashburn Farm’s partnership, community trails will now be part of the walking routes. Using the trails introduces more variety to the walks, and allows avid walkers and hikers to connect segments of public trails into longer routes. Participants at the events are generally people who are friendly and respect the environment. They obey leash laws and clean up after their dogs and in many cases will pick up trash found on the trails during the walks.

Anyone interested in joining the Walking Club can visit

Click here to view a map of Ashburn Farm

Potomac Green Neighborhood Park.

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