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Ashburn Farm Association

"The Ashburn Farm Homeowners Association is committed to serving and supporting our community by maintaining and enhancing its amenities to create a welcoming and thriving neighborhood. Our mission is to preserve property values, promote community engagement, and ensure the well-being of our residents. Through transparent communication, responsible stewardship, and thoughtful decision-making, we strive to provide a safe, attractive, and harmonious environment for all homeowners. By upholding high standards, fostering a sense of pride, and fostering a strong sense of community, we aim to make Ashburn Farm a place where residents can truly feel at home."

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Important Updates

  • The Board of Trustees meeting in August has been moved from Tuesday, August 6th to Wednesday, August 7th in order to host National Night Out.

  • Fertilizing applications will be taking place on common areas starting Tuesday, July 23rd. Operations will take a month to complete the entire property. Yellow flags will be placed in areas where the fertilizer has been applied. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please reach out to our maintenance department.

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Ashburn Farm Association

There is only one way to find out if a community is right for you and your family. You must get out and experience it. Take to the sidewalks, stroll through the neighborhoods, and talk to the people you meet about why they chose to live here. We encourage you to explore Ashburn Farm in this detail because we know that you will love what you find, the parks, the people, the amenities, the setting. Ashburn Farm blends Virginia’s picturesque beauty with stunning homes and ample community amenities in Loudoun County. The majority of the land on which Ashburn Farm is located was sold to, or inherited by, John Janney, a Delegate for Loudoun County until his death in the late 1800’s. Mr. Janney called the area Ashburn Farm because of close family friends with the same name. The land was eventually sold to Senator William Stewa, later being further divided, and sold. The last owner was the Gray Family, who operated a dairy farm on the land. A windmill was salvaged and restored from the Gray estate and now stands with a large “Ohio Buckeye” tree near the Windmill Community Center.


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