Swim Team Volunteer Jobs

Job Description
Referee The senior official who is responsible for the overall conduct of the meet and for all other officials at the meet. This position requires training, certification and a firm understanding of swim meet protocols.
Stroke & Turn Judge This official ensures that the swimmers use the proper stroke technique and that all starts, turns and finishes are legal. He or she is also responsible for writing DQ slips. This is another position that requires training and certification.
Starter The next most senior official who is responsible for starting each race. This position requires training, certification and one year as a Stroke and Turn Judge.
Timer There are three timers per lane. A timer is responsible for timing and recording the times of each swimmer racing in the Timer’s assigned lane. Minimal training is provided the day of the meet.
Runner Collects time cards from timers and DQ cards from the Referee and then delivers them to the Timekeeper’s table.
Data Entry/Scorekeeper Computer operator who inputs meet entries prior to meet, generates card times for all swimmers at the meet, and prints meet score, meet results and ribbon labels for league ribbons. Computer knowledge and Hy-Tek training is required to perform this volunteer position.
Clerks of Course Checks in swimmers upon arrival at the meets. Organizes swimmers by placing them in their proper heat and lane assignments just prior to their races.
Concession Stand Sets up, operates and cleans up the snack bar that is available at all home meets.
Set Up/Clean Up Prepare and dismantle the pool for all home swim meets. This includes putting in lane lines and backstroke flags, arranging tables and seating for concessions, timekeeping, computer, and spectator areas.
Floater Will be assigned to any area that is in need of volunteers.

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