Tim Hughes (Elected for Term 4/10 - 4/12) 

My name is Tim Hughes and I ask for your vote for HOA trustee. My wife and I moved here with our three boys to Ashburn Farm in 2006. My impression of Ashburn is a community that has a passion for excellence and high standards for quality of life. Im excited to be part of this community and want to commit my energy and focus to the betterment of Ashburn Farm.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience in various sales representation capacities, both as individual contributor as well as in mid and upper management roles. I currently work for Canon and my experience in working with Fortune 500 companies in Northern VA has taught me how to deal with varying personalities, as well as how to build consensus, and my results have demonstrated a consistent ability to get the job done.

In my personal life, I am married to a wonderful working mom and were active in the life of our church. I am also busily involved in the school activities of my three sons, ages 11, 9, and 7. This also has me supporting both Cub and Boy Scout activities, coaching hockey teams at the Ashburn Ice House, and even advocating for my kids and community through Ashburn Farm Parents United.

I love Ashburn Farm and I appreciate your vote and being given an opportunity to help make it an even better place to live through a leadership role in your Homeowners Association.


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